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A human being should be able to change a diaper, Plan an invasion, Butcher a hog, Con a ship, Design a building, Write a sonnet, Balance accounts, Build a wall, Set a bone, Comfort the dieing, Take orders, Give orders, Cooperate, Act Alone, Solve Equations, Analyze a new problem, Pitch manure, Program a computer, Cook a tasty Meal, Fight efficiently, Die Gallantly. Specialization is for insects! Robert Heinlen.

The Rad map of Geiger counters. Powered by Blackcatsystems .com

Proud Member of The geek group.org Kindred hackers in the ever changing world of technology.

Learn your ISOTOPES. LOL! and you thought your elements where hard? Isotopes are common elements like potassium 40 in your banana and Ra226 in your Brazil nuts.

Some Links:

What I do for a living I can climb a wood utility pole on 2 little metal spikes or wire your home safely.

Radiation 101 You are exposed to radiation every day, Most people just dont know it.

Online Geiger counter Saginaw michigans background radiation on a graph.X=elapsed time in minuits, Y=intensity

Buying a used Geiger counter Dont pay way to much for an ion chamber.

Radiation instruction services I can come to your organization and provide a quality presentation.

Teacher Resources. The Radiation Library.

My you tube channel with more science stuff!

Ham Radio. Our local club, Great folks doing public service.

100 Caliber Cannon Still pics.

Our Family Homepage, Good Pics From Guatemala.

Norman Earl Gunter. Family military history.


Science Pages:

Lucas cells and radon measurement

Why You Need a Surge Supressor

About Lightning Rods

Expotential Notation

Microscope photos

The Incident with the raccoon

The Raccoon video. I parted the crowd like Moses.

The midnight prowler Nope I didnt kill him.

My other Critter stories.

Me on the front page of the Saginaw news again.

Russian Belvar Geiger counter Manual in english.

Enough of the Eberline ESP-1 Manual to get you started

All natural male enhancement. My satire of Enzite.


Poiltics A subject I dont delve into too much, But I am at the point where I cant resist any longer.

Christan Radio Sucks. They do cause harmful interference.

The GOP. The best take I have ever seen on GOP corruption.



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