Radiation instruction services.

It has come to my attention that many very educated people do not have a clue about natuarally occuring radiation thats around us constantly.

Even many first responders are not sure what what they are looking at when using there detection equipment.

The average person receives 363 milliroentgen (mR)of radiation a year most of it from natural sources. radon 200 mR, cosmic 28 mR, terrestrial 28 mR, internal 40 mR are all natural.

Additionally man made sources are medical x-rays 40 mR, nuclear medicine 14 mR, consumer products 10 mR, other 3 mR.

I can provide a quality demonstration for a group of 30 to 60 people that will last about 2 hours. We can taylor the discussion to your groups specific needs, Be it radon, natural radiation, or radilogical terrorism.

I provide all the geiger counters, scintillators, lucas cell, and radiation sources to bring your group up to speed on the radiation that we are bathed in constantly.