Air one sucks!

I listen to Michigan public radio and have for many years.

WUCX 91.1 flint

A year or so back I started noticing a lot of noise on the signal, One click down the dial lead me to the source of the harmful interference on my favorite radio station. Some freeland upstart called air one?

Saginaw (WTRK) 90.9 Saginaw

So I tried calling the station engineer, I had to call California? The receptionist hung up on me the first two times I explained the problem. Finally after the 3rd try I got to talk to the station engineer and he said he would look into the problem.

So! After waiting a month and still hearing a bunch of bandihoo over top of my Local Michigan Public Radio station I tried to call Air ones office in California, Once again the receptionist hung up the phone several times.

I then contacted the station engineer via email. His reply was basically what is the problem, Michigan Public Radio is a liberal station and perhaps I should spend more time listening to Christian radio. He also said that air one had the right to flood WUCX signal because it was far enough away and FCC guidelines allowed air one to do this.

Then he has the gall to end his email with God Bless?

Here it is for the world to see!

These so called christians want to cram there agenda down everyones throat.


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